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Key outcomes are the health results that matter for a patient's condition over the care cycle.

Michael E. Porter

Bishop William Lawrence University Professor

Harvard Business School

Outcomes 1

Determining true healthcare value involves measuring the key clinical metrics signaling meaningful improvements in a patient’s condition and looking for corollary shifts in the claims data as it pertains to the incidence, prevalence, and cost of care.   Using proprietary algorithms and an advanced analytics platform Elevare Healthcare’s data science department runs comparative effectiveness studies and clinical trials by gathering these data on all cases entering the SuperClinic network.  Through a series of dashboards, scorecards and reports Elevare Healthcare pushes this data to back to providers so they can continuously improve their clinical process and employers can validate the investment made in the SuperClinic program.

Reoccurrence of musculoskeletal conditions drops from 38.6% outside of IMC’s care to 16.4% following care with a JointStrong® clinician in a long-term multi-site employer study. (18 Month Study)

The outcomes that are meaningful for patients suffering from MSDs center around improving pain, improving function, decreasing the duration of the disability, and sustaining improvement. The following represents the clinical outcomes of MSK-related cases treated through Elevare Healthcare's programs deployed over the past 6 years with a Fortune 500 multi-site employer.

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