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  1. Identify best practices and science in core domains of healthcare

  2. Find willing PCP stakeholders to create the new system architecture

  3. Analyze current practices and clinical trends to rank against existing "SuperClinic" deployments

  4. Create connectivity and contracting between employer and "SuperClinic" vendor

  5. Train, standardize and monitor the clinical process to guarantee best patient outcomes in core areas of medicine

  6. Continually improve provider development, patient outcomes and lower total cost of care



Musculoskeletal related costs represent approximately 20% of all healthcare spending in the US. When compared to other healthcare conditions, musculoskeletal training consistently lags behind, beginning at the medical school level. The lack of knowledge and training in the assessment of musculoskeletal conditions leads to a wide-range of diagnoses and inconsistent, often ineffective, treatment options.  Over the last ten years, these inconsistencies have contributed to the large increases in unnecessary invasive procedures and diagnostics, such as MRIs, injections, surgeries, and opioid prescriptions.


Elevare Healthcare has developed ​a proprietary clinical training program designed for conservative care clinicians to continuously improve musculoskeletal patient outcomes. Building upon the foundation of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT), Elevare Healthcare quickly improves the skills and competency of clinicians to assess, treat, and reproduce outcomes commensurate with the our standard. Elevare Healthcare's clinical training program allows for rapid development of clinical networks for defined populations.

Based on more than 20+ years of clinical experience and the analysis of patient outcomes over the past two decades, Elevare Healthcare's comprehensive approach to musculoskeletal care:

  1. Creates appropriate triage protocols

  2. Establishs an effective conservative care process that decreases utilization of high-cost procedures

  3. Provides quality-assurance around each step of the process to ensure improved economic, clinical, and humanistic outcomes​​

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