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Practice and Evidence-Based Clinical Guidelines for Musculoskeletal Disorders


Integrated Mechanical Care (IMC) is an outcomes-accountable™ condition management company with strategic affiliates across the U.S. and beyond.   Simply put, we are a result-based initiative seeking to fully reverse the human health and economic toll of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).  We have experienced great success for our clients, creating healthier workforces and drastically reducing MSD-related expenditures.  In many cases, our program has fully reversed the health and economic burdens associated with MSDs.  Our program is based on IMC’s extensive research data and specific, customized applications of that data compiled from our client health insurance claims databases, our close partnerships with regional health workers’ compensation and disability insurance brokers, and reputable human capital consultants from across the globe.  The IMC outcomes-accountable™ musculoskeletal care program works because it: 

  • Improves overall healthcare quality

  • Reduces costs for healthcare purchasers and payers, making healthcare coverage more affordable and secure for the insured

  • Improves patient/employee safety

  • Optimizes primary care and preventive care through community-centric prevention services

  • Promotes high-value, effective musculoskeletal care

  • Ensures access to quality, culturally competent care, including long-term self-care, coaching services, and patient support for vulnerable populations; 

  • Improves healthcare delivery and population health through meaningful use of health information technology

Patient Satisfaction

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